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Broken Umbrella- Devesh Jha

“Where is your umbrella?” Naina, the blue eye, round nose-nostril whistle; yoga of breaths, a clank of guitar (only I can find this musical lower- upper- middle note, I always notice her breaths, and makes a new tempo, imaginary) pink and whitish brown mix blush face, blossoming out brightness, confident, and much pretty, the violet skirt, black and half cut ringlet, silky and smooth hairs- at present this is wetted, due to rain, would happened for the break the school session, I prayed for it. In the school dress, a worthy bag on the mild shoulder, happened tight and flat ribbon, gravitational law of Newton, can easy to weight of books and her hair pin pouch, a tiny bindi but ever a noon she use it because in the class ninth- no allowed cosmetics more, still Naina had no needs of external decoration, the innocent, the cute and don’t know what a rounding- rounding thins, see her with a long glimpse, automatically a glow appeared back of her shadow- just like something smell, a power which attract you, even I followed many times her shadow’s magic, but I kept secret it, I am the monitor of class and best student of my school, you can say according to my head master I am better among all school of this area, but he said it when, I was not there.

“Umbrella..! I have to go soon; some guest is coming, today.” Again she shouted but class was empty, only sound echoed, I was staring her shadow out side, in the rain drops, her loud waved into my ear and I acted nervous, and as I was lost and just return here.

“Dense cloud...! Surge stranger cloud caravan going here where.” I damped my vision, although I am 13 years a brilliant boy, I like science and math, but something philosophy always moves in my big head, root under small- small hair, I had to round my eye towards Naina, she was filled up by rainy water, she would have tried to go without umbrella, but she can’t. She gazed and squeezed upper lips by lower, she has been in angry.

“Heavy rain is pre decided why you didn’t bring your own umbrella.” I packed my bag and stood up, slowly- slowly all students has gone, only few of teachers, and peon was in the office.

“You mean, you can’t give your dirty umbrella, you are showing.” She turned back, and steeped with loud foot steps.

I ran. “Stop... Stop! Don’t be so angry, otherwise, rain drops would be evaporated, as tea... aha!” I spoke and made silence, so that I can repair my umbrella, two or three minute, 6-7 push is requirement for open once to the my old umbrella cum mesh. She again forced to break her Colgate teeth, girls has more unusual habit, especially aggressiveness without any topic.

“Shut up..!” Naina voiced. “Pankaj...!”

“Can you write an essay upon our high school?” I asked myself, when I see the big ground, grass, football pole and wall all around my school. Grew in to mysterious, merry she, likes me or my umbrella- then why she wait only for my umbrella, many student has, even her best friend Aanchal has rainbow umbrella, thought of me, even though growing and leasing rapidly, she defined.

“What do you think? Lets move now, I am hungry too.” Her wrinkled palm hold my umbrella, and I covered my head with my shirts, because I didn’t think, I should offer to go in one umbrella, people can think anything, and I had my bicycle, I can go in the rain, with fast paddle. I took out polythene and kept my book bag in this, I stepped to bicycle stand. “Go!” I said, she moved.

After receiving the cycle, when I returned at the grill gate, I saw, Naina was there, as she is waiting.

I get off from cycle and asked, “Why you not going?”

She shouted, “Foolish, there is dark, dense of cloud, heavy rain, horrible sound, nothing is being visible, and I will have to cover more than kilometre distance, lonely.... I fear to walk in this situation, I can’t go alone, nobody is seeing to me. See the road, dreary...” in the rain her loud but sweet anger voiced absolved in the rain’s sound. I laughed, “Then what to do?”

“Let’s go with me!”

“If anybody could see us in the rain, alone..!”

“Hey! Nobody is here and what you say, you are my friend, and if I am walking with you is not a crime.”

I laughed and came close to her. The water was being collected in ground, road, seen like that model of flood, but black coal tar on the road was visible. We started to walk. Both of us uniform have been slightly discoloured due to heavy shower of rain.

She said, “What is in Tiffin box is it empty?”

Today lunch hour couldn’t happen, so lunch was packed.


“What you brought?”

“You can’t like?”

“Tell me, I like you... r lunch. I am hungry too.”

“Drama queen, its roasted gram only, with lemon spice.”

We were walking in the rain, between us there was my bicycle, and she was trying to cover my head too in one umbrella, she put out her sleepers in my bicycle handle, and I also.

She whisperd again, “I am hungry.” And she holds her ringlet with middle finger and kept it on the ear, some tiny and mild hair beside her temple was smooth and dry, I gazed that.

I took out my Tiffin box and hand over to her. My both hand was busy to clutch the handle, we stopped, and she opened the lid of box, while she kept umbrella’s stick between shoulder and her temple, by nodding her head, I could she her tiny and dry hair of temple also had too be wetted. She hold umbrella again in her palm and the box opened; one hand, she started to eat roasted gram; another hand, and whenever she took one or two gram in her mouth again she offered a lots gram to me, she was fedding me. Half of distance Naina said, I am tired now, I can’t walk.

“Your guest and parents would be waiting, lets go in fast.”

She rounded her mathematical shaped head all around, and without any sign just suddenly sat on the road, I had to shock and annoyed. “Shit! Hey Naina, what you are doing?”

“I am tired now, I can’t walk.”

“Then I am going. “ I warned her and sat on my bicycle seat.

She suggested, “Can I sit the back seat of you bicycle?”

“I can’t load, you can be injured, and the road has been shallow, tyre can slip.”

“I am ready to be injured, have you any problem?”

“Sit!” I annoyed.

Now we both were on the one bicycle, under one umbrella, rain was same, but distance was not enough, I was in confuse, I should run in fast or slow, what Naina wants, what I should do, I had silenced, but her one hand on my shoulder convoluted me, suddenly I lost balance to handle of the cycle, one dig had caused, we both fallen down, out side the road, in the mud.

Naina yelped, “Oh my God!”

I ran to her and gave my hand so that she could stand up, but she started to laugh and laugh with a guffaw, I could only see her.

Our umbrella has been broken; I took that and stared to laugh.

Now Naina’s father was coming with an umbrella, I saw him, when he was so far from us, I was sure though I had seen him, but he wouldn’t. In a haste I spoke, “Naina, your Papa is coming, and I am going.” I paddled with speed of a jet plane to my bicycle and went towards my village, my school is near urban little town of my village, distance would be more than five or six kilometre, but Naina was in this little town, a good and rich man’s daughter. But don’t know why, I don’t like him. The rain, the mud, my turned handle of my bicycle, and my empty lunch box, broken umbrella was saying something about Naina.

This Part is taken From My Next Novel Someone Special....

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Devesh Jha


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