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Devesh Jha on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 6:29pm
Willy-Nilly of Black Night---=-=-=-{}{}{}{}----=-=-= []E\/e$ [-]
    (This Part is taken from My new english Novel, You'r  Welcome For Your each suggestion.!!)
As every night I wake up today also. Immersed night was not slumbering or being a shelter of somnambulist, this was carrying out a rivulet of dew; free from anxiety, seemed to be as serenade was cherishing to pretty champion nymph, surety of sky was denoting ceased of his before the daybreak, cloud were making abode of moon, feeble twinkling of stars was coming strongly, unhampered as without any alternative. Wind cold; refreshing sensation was causing a chill in entire soft and small hair on the body, lots of messenger of angel walking here there and everywhere in the costume of fire-fly. There was continuing of blessing kissing missing and embarrassing of blue sky and dark earth, overwhelmed starry night spurted innate disposition. Mime between earth and sky was memorable, in this modulation of a humming occurred during comet absolve in mists. If a sight fallen inside of horizons then it was given a gift of glance as someone was locking his lover into his arm and ringlets were waving due to lovely lisping of her attitude, exactly according to this manner chuckling cloud was touching the earth at horizon. My head had been painless now, I was feeling easy, and I walked my footstep while I was soundless. Reproach of day had been disappeared now. Lots of dews were fallen upon my iron made chair, I touched these by palm and kept on my cheek. I sat and gazed to the seven stars of the constellation of Great Bear (Supposed to represent seven great sages), I got one clarification; behind the third star of seven stars, in the east direction, after leaving the more three star, in the left side one star was more twinkling, I thought and massaged to eyelid, firstly I felt a bit sleep, but I was fine. Uff..! That most twinkling star was concealing and disappeared now.She was my mummy perhaps; because I felt her warmth and grew an enthusiasm. I said and shivered my hand, "Good Bye…. Mamma…!" Every colour turned into white in presence of moon or black in absence or presence of clouds in the night but a fully red rose fallen down in the near of my chair. Who threw this, in this winsome night? I had been confused in illusion of fascinating, perhaps. I took the rose and touched at the near of nose while I was searching him or her, who dare to do this zestful jest, this happened first time in my life, though I have been rising in the night since many of ears. This event was not mine imagine because rose is real. I winced by this misbehaviour, once upon I thought, may be Dad is kidding but his snoring was continued. Nothing was being yonder. My mind was jingling, is this any hotchpotch of ghost or these type things, but this was not indeed. Who made disquiet to my quite moments, I was being peeved, while I was loved by this momentary sweet jest, happened in this sweet and romantic moment. Zephyr was going on zenith of portent. My search for him or her was being ruined; I understood this is only my disorder’s illusion; still I sat on my chair and peered to the full moonlight. By the support of moonbeam, I eyed to moon and started praising of moonlight to the moon by the moon and eyeful vision was mooned by imaginary moonglade, moonshiner and moonlit. Thus my hearty mood was shivering and swaying in this whimsical environ, in a little while I listen a clinking sound… no… no… a musical guffaw. Mind was being charmed by this perfumed little laugh. Attraction of that lovely & slow chuckle clanked and sweetened three tiny bones of my ears, these bones known as Malleus, Incus, Steppes, in abbreviation m…i…s..., s... joined your sense after this you may say missing of miss by this m...i…s, s…Freshness to be contained in my brain, even again my attention went to the mixed sound of, tune of laugh and Chhann… Chhann… of Payal; tinkling sound of anklet, heard to be as transcendental tempo, was coming from the near of me. I was followed by this musical Chhann… Chhann… but sound was being run away by the feet of anklet. Now I had been known these feet were not of a masculine♀, this was of a feminine♂, because rhythms of anklet only caused to heard and worn by only feminine. This was not any awful event by him her, except teased to me. I ran to back her, I could looked her lovelock, silky and waved maroon but wetted in blackish colour long and dense her hair, earlet was hidden in earlock, I could see because that was brighten by moonlight, over all she was looked goddess of beauty from the back side only, I couldn’t follow her more than few distance, reason she ran towards that direction, where I couldn’t reach and she ran in a vast motion. Now I had been conformed that one more yond exists in my colony. There were many family person and relatives had arrived at my other neighbour Rajat uncle. As I heard, a lots of girl also came for a little occasion, may be that she would be one of them, as I thought only because I had no any evidence or proof except red rose. "Ah! What a pity." I had a bit grief for that I couldn’t see her anthoid lovesome face for a once also. I lipped the rose while eyed the red. I returned to the room, kept the red rose on the table. Suddenly my sight stucked on the photo of admit card, oh my God… she was really not only beautiful, she was unique, I have no any exact word that can reveal her beauty, above all innocent… loveable… Yes somebody was right who said her incarnation of Divya Bharti, dwelling in this photo. I made a closest distance between that rose and this photo, after this I slept with exaltation and dreamed a fragrance of chrysanthemum...
(DWELLING DEW- Story Of Scatty)
Devesh Jha

रक्त है कुछ थका थका सा, the heart broker poem for the country cowards,,, devesh jha

रक्त है कुछ थका थका सा,
फिर भी मृत्यु कि उमंग है,
गलबहियां करती उद्दीप्त सितारों से,
टूटकर चूर होने कि जंग है..

शहद बना है घाव दीमक का,
लहू चाट कर साम्राज्य सो रहा.
निवालें में ज़हर रखकर माँ ने रोटी दी है,
कहती नमक अभी भी गाँधी ढो रहा..

राज्य है या आग का चिंगारी,
थोड़ी सी प्याज के लिए,
गुर्ज़रों कि आवाज़ के लिए,
भींगती बेचारी भारत माँ थर थर,
ख़ाक लिया आज़ादी जब मर रही है नारी...

चुप हो जा, सुन्न कि संसद में शोरगुल है,
अभी मुंबई में था चार,
अब्ब गुजरात भी बीमार,
ये आतंक है या बिमारी...
कोढ़ खुजाने से मिटती नहीं,
बढ़ जाती है लाचारी,
मेरी माँ को दीमक चाट रहा है,
फिर तुक्रों में बाँट रहा है,
छि: मैं बेटा हूँ, जो अभी बी टीवी के खबरों आगे बस लेता हूँ...

दे  धुन कि तरंग से तृप्त हो गगन,
फांसी दो अपने हाथों से जो जेल में बंद..
कंचन कि मंजन से पहले, राख मल दो मुखरे पे,
गाँधी बाबा को सोने दो अब के मामूली झगडे पे...

हाथ तलवार ना लेना ना ही हिन्दू या मुस्लिम कहना,
अगर पाप नज़र आये अपने में, सबसे पहले अपनी गर्दन उतार देना..

मर जाओ रे मर जाओ, मेरे दोस्तों अब तो अपनी छोटी दुनिया से निकल कर आओ..
मारेगी ना तेरी मुहब्बत, अगर मर जाए देश तो क्या उल्फत...
 देवेश झा 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blood Bath- Devesh Jha

Blood Bath- A passion for betray...
It was the bit late night; pale and foggy fumes were moving, having a zephyr touch because they had absolved most of dews.
In my hostel, out of the door, a sound buzzed, as over the ears many persons were walking without any curable answer, It's the new seneschal like buddy had passionate for the knowing of reason, all were looking to each other with a fevicol silence, then I moved my long knee barer foot to the seniors.
In the corridor, I called on Nishant, whose white shirts had a glow caused by blinking and broken bulb shadowed lights, usually he wore sweater under the shirt and jacket is old and fugacious style for him. Whatever between the eye contact that was initiated for knowing the reason of that buzzing sound, he climbed on stairs and slowly – slowly moved his head that can defined how and what was going here before a bit. Me too followed him and caused the anti clockwise motion in my head as a gear fixed in the two necks of us. When he reached, I stared; he took out his dirty air of breaths ever a noon, which seems as smelling yawn, and smiled as never before. I shook my eyebrow, then he hand over a packet to me, I defined It's chicken. Nishant assured himself by the peeping into one room and then cause an attention near of my ear, “It's nothing one junior is crying.” “But why?” an sketched image having the tear and innocent face of a junior’s fixed his eye with spectacle just hobbled in my mind and then I asked, I’ll caressing from the heart, that could revealed here.
Nishant’s feature just vexed after expectoration, even he hadn’t split in his throat, “Dude, he is crying, because his girlfriend kicked him on the phone, she wants break up with him, and this duffer says he loves her.” A doodle line of destiny, ‘Love Love Love’ peeked in my mind, I stepped, and said to Nishant, “I am coming after a talk him.” Nishant flicked off his eyebrow in the ‘I don’t care’ style.
In that room 4-5 seniors, two mate of that boy sat on the different corners, one or two of them was trying to make the funny to that moment, one was caressing and a typical type his innocent face was in blush and anger with snorting breaths.
“Hay buddies what going?” I blew my toned word.
I took all’s attention, again the mobile beeped, that junior shouted, “Leave me alone… otherwise..” after his yelped and echoed slowly - slowly everybody came out, I thought I might have to face his anger right now, I should leave this spot but I said while I stepped back, “Cool… you are not at the home, It's hostel, after all roam in hell.”
After one hour, It's again me, walked in the corridor, all buddy were busy in their room, only I was staring to the new tiles of south corner, and I was increasing and decreasing that distance from my sight, suddenly I felt a shadow, Oh! It's that crying junior, he moved to me and said, “Sorry sir, I am really sorry.”
“You was in emotion, don’t regret, but consider to behave before that it could acted.” I smiled and assured him. and then I took out my matches for the smoke, only second last cigarette now preserved at my hand, so I wanted to burn it after a ling hour now I felt, I should make the puff of smoke in this fog.
“Burn it.” I hand over the cigarette and matches to the junior.
He nodded then again, I breathed in fast, and he did as I said.
“Then, why you are not in the room?”
“Actually…” he babbled.
“Whatever leaves that, take an inhalation of this.” I interrupted and offered my finger pile like cigarette. Without any hesitation, he smoked in a well manner. I thought I should ask to him that, “Do you deserve it?” but I kept this sentence in my mouth only, because in this situation, betray, he deserve all thing good or worst.
Then he requested, “Sir, can you give me matches.”
“I think fire is in this time in your heart, brain, eye so I don’t understand what the need of matches.” I drew an imaginary circle in my brain spot between the tiles and his spectacle.
“Not like that really give me your matches, please.”
I offered my matches, and then he took out his mobile, and made it in switch off mode, while he moved towards the lawn. I too followed him, in the mid of lawn he put up his mobile on the surface and collected some rough paper, after a binge he cause a fire in that, his mobile start to burn with the flame of papers and a carbon smoke rounded there. After the destroying of his connective device with his lover; mobile, he felt calm on his face. Although mobile was costly but after the burn when a writhe of smile appeared on his spectacle’s shadow, was better. I kept my matches, returned to my room with an unseen sullen, and laid on the uncovered bed.
Nishant suck lock of his calmer and secret box had a sound of hutchu... hutchu… whenever he entered his key in that lock, I had to annoyed, so yelped, “Leave that Yaar... If It's not opening then why you trying to make noise as hutchu... hutchu...”
“Oh ho... its important dude I have forget my some documents I this box...”
“Was that note or?”
“Not It's a nude note... how to see the bathroom naked girl?”
“Mature beta, hmm!! Okay do your hutchu... hutchu... I am sleeping.” I covered my head with a blanket.
“Then It's important for you Panky, parody cab of a pussy cat, in the seat of car... ouch.. ya yaa hold it hold it!!! Oh yeah”
The lustful, libido voice of Shashi echoed, because in the leisure hour he like to read the porn books and novel, and his leisure hour start from morning to the next morning, lush of his twisted tongue, reminded how a pity for engineering aspirants, no max no mute only kill the shoot of math’s equation. My maxilla felt a tear on my cheek, under the blanket I was trying to sleep, but Naina’s eye seemed as sat at my pupil and stared to wounded heart of me, for her, for blood bath in the tears fragrances.
I dreamed the nude bath of my love, then It's appeared as, a brownish but pale bath tub of my chest, one emotional fairy like feminine things is opening her cloths, oh that heart of Naina with a soft and reddish skin, then she opened the tap the blood of me started to fall off in the tub of my chest instead water, then she sprinkled my tears instead of rose water, Gulabjal, she putted the tore paper of my love letter instead of petal, for the soap she used my heart’s muscle, foam couldn’t cause only pus immersed on the smooth skin, the fragrances of crying and pain was being loud all around, in the beautiful panorama I was seeing the hated and horrible scenes, as any ghostly dull cinema.
I was being sick for seeing a bathroom’s blood bath of mine betray. The most coiled, confused dream caused a vomit in me, I shut my eyelid with tremendously attack and pushed the thoughts in the back mind, and I wanted to delete some evil memory. Shashi read loudly his add line of his porn magazine,
“Having a good item; girlfriend is necessary, for the libido partner, see the perfect match and contact us.” I spoke with a fighting furore “Off! Shut down your mouth Shashi, annoying much..!” “Okies..” Shashi putted his silence on the mouth.
After a minute, he said again, “You know? You had already a lot of partner, so you are not much interested, you have taken the joy.” I uncovered my head after full belief that now tears would have been disappeared, even though I cried in a silence sob manner, and then I told, “Still I am virgin.”
“Are you barren?”
“Don’t add the love + lust, I hate that..”
“Okies” Shashi had to wry.
Between the sob, at the slice of my cornea, I could able to see a blood spot due to my tears pressure, then again I am seeing the blood bathed Naina… i tilted my pockets having cigarette packet and burnt the last one.
(It's the part of my next fiction- Someone Special {Blink of Blind} Devesh Jha)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"A Good Morning Cup of Smile In The Midnight"---
                                               A Poem By Devesh Jha

A good morning cup of smile in the midnight......
A fragnance of you, in the dancing dew...
As your image looks in my hue,
Feel the wind of love's que,
Touch my lips as flame touch to light,
A Good Morning cup of smile in the midnight.
Hotchpotch of my heatrbeats,
Always snuggle for your kiss,
Then whisperse I miss, I miss,
O! Miss Kiss of Angel, is on my lips..
Rider of fate, don't wait for flight,
A good morning cup of smile in the midnight..

Keep your eye into my close,
Then listen to the air of my nose,
O! Mild anther of a rose,
Don't annoy for my beloved...
She is best blossoms of nature's almight,
A good morning cup of smile in the midnight..
In the wave of sea, see, meech,
When slowly sit she, me, bessech..
The divine of glee, lee, witch..
The magic we hug to other each...
Our love pride more than mountain height..
A good morning cup of smile in the midnight...
Dance your eyelid with my liplocks,
Do fast we have to walk more than clocks,
My Angel, I am ready to life's each socks,
Hold me tighly, I can face adversity of lots...

Without you I am the rainbow as black and white,
A good morning cup of smile in the midnight...
Welcome in my imagination, take my happiness,
Its the God bless, you are my Zest, You are my busy and rest,
Angel kiss the word "Devesh",
Or cut it keep on your name and pest..
As my breaths, always cross from your grace,...

You are in my eye, only you yonder in all sight,
A good morning cup of smile in the midnight.

Devesh Jha

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

love verse..

सुबह  को छूती  पहली  किरण  हो  तुम,
हँसते  लबो  में  छुपी  गम  हो  तुम,
ख्वाहिशों  को  समेट नज़रों  में ,
मंजिल  कि  ओर  बढती  कदम  हो  तुम.
ये  फूलों  कि  राहें  काँटों  में  खो  गए.
तस्वीर  तुम्हारी इन्ही वादियों  में  छोड़ गए.
अब  आँचल  को  मुखरे  पर  टिका  दो,
मेरे  जीवन  के  पायल  कि  छन - छन  हो  तुम,,,,,,
देवेश झा

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

बचपन जब प्यार हुआ था....

बचपन जब प्यार हुआ था....
मत जलाओ आँखों की जुगनू को रात भर कि,
आँसू  बनके  भाप  सांसों  में  घुल जायेगा.
गिर पड़े हैं तेरे क़दमों के निशाँ पर,
के लहू हमारी तेरे धूल से धुल जायेगा.. 
हम किताबों के पन्ने में कुछ लिखा करते थे,
फिर रात भर तकिये तले उसे दबा रखते थे..
अब ना लिखों कुछ अपने होठों पर,
कि दब के कलम तेरे होठों से मचल जायेगा,
जाने क्या हम छुप छुपे के देखा करते थे..
तब कि नादानी में भला क्या अकल आएगा,
अट्ठन्नी को निचे गिरा तेरे जुल्फों पे झुका करते थे.
अब शायद ही तुम चूरन कि पुडिया लाती होगी,
फिर दोस्तों से छुपा मेरे किताबों में छुपाती होगी..
अब तो आधी छुट्टी का इंतज़ार ना होता होगा,
कि जब हम अपने बस्तें खिड़की से फेंक भागा करते थे,
वो बेचारा टूटा पीपल भी रोता होगा,
जहाँ तेरी चूरन के बदले हम चुम्बन दिया करते थे..
देवेश झा

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Drowsy Yawn...

उन्ही को खबर नहीं,
उनके आँसू  से  ही अपनी आँख धोयी है..
सारी रात सिरहाने में था,
सपना बनके सोया मैं,
उन्हें इस की खबर नहीं,
वो तो चला आया मैं आधी रात में,
जानने बाद की वो किसी और के लिए रोई हैं.
चाहत थी मेरी,
किसी और की वफ़ा बन गए,
बीमारी थी मेरी,
किसी और की दवा बन गए.
सजदा थी मेरी,
किसी और की दुआ बन गए.
मेरी ही छुपी जुर्म,
मुझी को सजा बन गए,
चल हुआ ये गीत पुराना सा,
हमने तो कुछ पागलपन की है,
पहले तो सपने में जाता था,
आज कल हमने खुदको उनके ही घर में बंद की है.
हाँ मैं लटकता तस्वीर हूँ,
जिसे हर साल वो फूल चढ़ाती है,
फिर अपने प्यार की मौत
के आँसू सभी को दिखाती हैं,
पागल लोग तो चले जाते हैं,
मैं तो दिवार पर ही लटकता हूँ,
फिर से मरने का जी करता,
जब अपने कातिल संग तुझे,
इसी घर में लेटे देखता हूँ..
 देवेश झा

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

muskurahat ki aahat

आहिस्ता हँस दे तू ज़रा,
मुस्कराहट की आहट लत बना दे,
दूर से ही जुल्फें तू उड़ा,
धड़कन की कम्पन मुझे बना ले.
आस पास की सर्द हवा,
ठहर तू इधर उसकी लट बना दे..
कानों में उसके जाकर तू कहना,
उसे है तेरे संग रहना..
अब तो ज़ुल्फ़ की लट संवारेगी,
अपने लाल चादर में आ,
मुझे धुंध में पुकारेगी...
ऊँगली अपनी मेरे लबों पे रखेगी,
फिर जाने से पहले रो देगी,
कुछ तो बहाना होगा,
लाल चादर को जलाना होगा,
जब ठण्ड से कांपेगी,
तभी  तो मेरे सीने से चिपक खुदको धाँपेगी,
कसकर उसके बाजुओं में,
मैं भी आना चाहूँगा,
लेकिन मेरा तो शरीर नहीं,
बस बन हवा उसके बाजुओं से गुज़र जाऊँगा..
देवेश झा

Monday, November 29, 2010

मैं गया एक दिन बादलों के पीछे,
जहाँ मुझे मेरी मरी प्रेमिका मिली,
मैंने पूछा गयी थी क्या करने कार के नीचे,
जो तुझे बेदर्दी से किसी ने कुचली..
वो रूठ कर भागने लगी, मैंने कलाई पकड़ा,
तब उसने सच्चाई बताई थोडा थोडा..
उसने कहा, एक दिन मैं कही थी
तुझे बुलाने पर पर "आई देवेश",
यमराज घूम रहा था बदलकर भेष,
उसने आज इंग्लिश समझा,
"आई देवेश" का मतलब "मैं देवेश" समझा..
उसने तेरी मौत के बदले मेरी जान ले बैठा,
अपनी गलती पर वो पछताया,
मेरी जान लौटा, तेरी जान लेने की बात बताया..
मैंने  झूठ बोला मैं देवेश ही हूँ,
कम से कम तेरे मौत को तो मैं जी रही हूँ..
हाँ ये बात किसीको मत बताना,
क्यूँकि तेरे आँखों में रहता है मेरा आना जाना.
देवेश झा

Gangajal jaisi...


लबों की शादी...

मेरे आँखों में अपने आँसू गिरा दे,
बारिश की बूंदे जैसे गंगाजल छूती.
थकी पलकें मेरे पलकों पे लिटा दे,
उजली  चाँद जैसे नीली आसमां में सोती..
ज़रा ज़रा मुस्कुरा की गगन हाथों में आ जाए,
बाँध मुट्ठी फिर सितारों से तेरी मांग भरा जाए.. 
घर का ठिकाना मैं ओस से पूछ तो लूं,
उसने कहा तूने नहीं आज गुल चूमा है..
ठहरा ले उसे होठों पर, के मुझे उससे डर है,
बन जाए ना ओस आँसू जो गिरता इधर उधर है..
काश के मैं तेरा होठ बन जाऊं,
फिर फूलों से ओस चुन लाऊं,
कभी तो तुम अपने लब को लबों से मिलाओगी,
अपने ऊपर के लब को पिया बना,
खुद भी नीचे की लब बन जाओगी..
दबी साँसों की बारात होगी,
एक लब दूल्हा मैं एक लब दुल्हन तू,
दो लबों के लिए तो हर शब्द मिलन की रात होगी..
अब दो लबों में बिना कुछ कहे भी बहुत बात होगी..
देवेश झा

Sunday, November 28, 2010

सुबकता आसमां प्यासी धरती थी,
एक चाँद मुझपे भी मरती थी..
यूँही रात गुज़र जाती,
पर जाने से वो डरती थी?
मैंने पूछा क्या हुआ?
पता चला, वो किसी और का इंतज़ार करती थी..
हाथों फूल लिए बैठी रहती थी,
चुप चुप कभी कभी रोती थी...
उस दिन फलक से बारिश होती थी,
मैंने बूंदों को छुआ,
पता चला, मेरी ही आँसू उसके आँखों से गिरती थी..
हवाओं ने रुख बदली,
फिजाओं ने रुत बदली..
पर वो तो वैसे ही बैठी थी..
मैंने जाके देखा,
पिछले ही सावन, वो इंतज़ार करते करते मर चुकी थी...
लाश पे उसकी एक चुनरी थी,
दुनिया उसे सतरंगी कहती थी..
कोई जाकर ना हटाये उस चुनरी को,
वो तो कफ़न बनी मेघ है,
क्यूँकि सात रंग मिल ही तो सफ़ेद है!!!!
देवेश झा


मैं कुछ गलत करती हूँ,
पर गलती मेरी कहाँ ?
शर्म से सर ना झुकाऊं,
पर मैं बेशर्म कहाँ ?
हर दिन एक डोर काटूँ,
पर इसका अंत कहाँ ?
पैसे लेती तुझे खुश कर,
पर मैं खुश होती कहाँ ?
सजा भी भुगत लूं,
पर मेरी अपराध कहाँ ?
पूजा तेरी कुछ पल करूँ,
पर तू मेरा भगवान् कहाँ ?
रो भी ना सकूँ,
इन आँखों में आँसू कहाँ ?
पेट का सवाल है बाबू,
नोच निर्वस्त्र खड़ी मैं, जहाँ तहाँ..?
देवेश झा

Mere Kuchh Lafzz!!!

मेरे कुछ लफ्ज़ फंसे है तेरे होठों में,
चुपके से इन्हें  मेरे लबों पर रख दो...
आंसू बन जाये ना बर्फ पलकों में,

इससे पहले आ अब तुम इसे चख दो..

चुप रे पागल हवा क्यूँ सर्दी करता है,
तुम कुछ बोलकर ज़रा चुप हो जाओ..
ये और रात का भींगा ओस बस मनमर्जी करता है,
छूकर इन्हें तुम मुझसे लिपट फिर छुप जाओ..

बुझता हुआ चाँद क्या शर्माएगा,
ढीठ बड़ा रात अपने संग बिताएगा..
तुम हंसकर इसे इशारा कर दो,
कमबख्त! धरती पर गिर जायेगा..
देवेश झा

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wonder happens after love... 
तपने दो आंसू मेरी,
तुम अपने आँखों की धूप में.
साँसों को जरा छूकर देखो,
ठंडे होठों के लुक-छुप में.
पलकों के किनारें जो काजल,
सुन सुन क्या कहती है,
बिना छनकती तेरी पायल,
ओह! कहने से डरती है..
चल छोड़ जुल्फों का कहना,
बिन हवा के उड़ उड़ कहती कुछ ना...

हथेली के लकीरों में होठ रखो,
फिर थम के मेरा नाम तू लेना,
अब प्यार नहीं मुझसे ज़रा कहो,
मिट जाएगी लकीर तेरी, ऐसा मत करना..
                                  देवेश झा

Friday, November 26, 2010

Any Aurora Od November (Mumbai Terror)

Attack.. Attack..  Mumbai Terror Tribute

Note:-(This post is taken from my fiction Dwelling Dew, no any part is real.. its only and only imaginory)
Any aurora of November,
Running life, run away people,
Nobody ask to himself by stay of his footstep for few moments, why much hurry is? Either lucky person goes on splendour or salutation of kingdom moved towards utter destruction, rider of fate could have been failure on the facing of laborious talent even those didn’t succeed. Eventuality of titillated jest stopped though lots of laughter searching his future on the sorrow.
Winsome city Mumbai, really this is one of the best place not all over India in fact world. We have pried on the city of gold give such a spicy feel and smell of lavender, Bombay sometime regarded as dream town where paradise come across through footpath. You may say that treasure’s gate of Kuber, the God of money and wealth open from economical capital of our country. Hammering sound of local train circulated life of Mumbai, hissing sound of sea and caused by blooming wave, doing hullabaloo foam located as hoar frost that hitched hollo of tourist and devotional touch of Ganpati Bappa, really amazing and cordial. Lives of Mumbai do not lean against the day and night or joyful or listless, they have no any quality of plants of touch-me-not, believe in the endurance made them undefeatable. Though you have to praise and thanks to people of Maharashtra for his great and unforgettable contribution to making a most powerful and invincible country to India but some ever something is pinching to soul of other state’s citizen as……….?
First Hour,
Abruptly a ravaged sound convoluted to everybody. Lassitude of many had breached. "What this was?" Many faces caused a stranger figure on their forehead.
Sensational news on the television, Terror attack on Mumbai, Hotel Raaz is destroying, CST is sieving, furore………
Nation became restless, commotion spreader everywhere.
"What’s happening?" A terrified voice moved in the larynx of everybody dumb also. Common men were running with fear of death as rabbit. Only ten armed were giving the cyclone image to furore in the blowing air of Mumbai.
"Maaaa…Bhago…Dhannya…Death…..Boom….blast….aaauchhhhh….aaahhhhhh…fire…..spark……stunned eye….injured body….screaming noise…squeal…hanged muscles with blood…imploring ….wounded body with soaked of blood…..
Fountain of blood……charrrrrrrrr………charrrrrrrrr…
Hey Bhagwan…… O! Jesus…….. Allahhhh……. Wahe guru…. Papa…… bahiya…jaanuuuu… babu…… mara dikara
Mulgi……..Kya kusur hamara...aanh ... whooooooooo…. Now………
Heart throbbing squeal of every age child, old, man, lady, girl, working women or college girl, weepiness had arose all of four direction, but warning of terrorist brought a ghostly silence as crematorium.
A dreary silence in the crowd of hubbub and gloomily fog of fume cased by gun powder absolved in the blood, the mud made up of blood and gun powder leaped on the history of terror.
Nation started to weep; the salty tear of India was about to becoming absolved in the water of Arabian Sea. The forceful image of India in sight of entire world had been converted in a helpless figure on broken canvas that time. East was weeping; north stunned but no more north, south was squealing, and being festival in the west, at present of India. Exploded heart of Himalaya was fretting on the limpidness and purity of Ganga. Golden bird was flying after chuck and chucking of gunpowder by his claw on the beak. Largest democracy was searching cause of crime in the pages. Terrorist continued to engraving of terrible pictures on the wall of hotel Raaz. Sometime sink through rain; Mumbai will make reddish to sea by flowing in the blood, today. The safety revolver were sleeping in the pillow of film stars, they not. .....
Though I am a mad person but I also love my India,
                                                Devesh Jha
  From the My new Novel Dwelling Dew (Story of Scatty)
A great salutation for everybody who faced this attack as Police administration, Our Army, common people and every person of Mumbai for their unforgettable courage, and tribute to all of those Indian and some of our foreigner guest who are not in this time between us………

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Willy-Nilly of Black Night

                    Beautiful (7)

As every night I wake up today alsoNinja. Immersed night was not slumbering or being a shelter of somnambulist, this was carrying out a rivulet of dew; free from anxietyAngry smile, seemed to be as serenade was cherishing to pretty champion nymphFlirt female, surety of sky was denoting ceased of his before the daybreak, cloud were making abode of moonSleeping half-moon, feeble twinkling of stars was coming strongly, unhampered as without any alternative. Wind cold; refreshing sensation was causing a chillHot smile in entire soft and small hair on the body, lots of messenger of angel walking here there and everywhere in the costume of fire-flyPrincess. There was continuing of blessing kissing missing and embarrassing of blue sky and dark earth, overwhelmed starry night spurted innate disposition. Mime between earth and sky was memorable, in this modulation of a humming occurred during comet absolve in mistsWho me?. If a sight fallen inside of horizons then it was given a gift of glance as someone was locking his lover into his arm and ringlets were waving due to lovely lisping of her attitudeBe right back, exactly according to this manner chuckling cloud was touching the earth at horizon. Coffee cup

From the my new novel Dwelling Dew (Story Of Scatty)Gift with a bow

                         Left hugDevesh JhaRight hug

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wonder happens after love... 
एक लड़की को देखा तो ऐसा लगा,
जैसे ट्रैफिक का टूटा  रूल,
जैसे पिक्चर हो पैसा वसूल.  
जैसे मैक्डोनाल का पिज्जा,
जैसे गजनी  का गज्ज़ा,
जैसे फेसबुक का प्रोफाइल,
जैसे मोटोरोला का मोबाइल.
हो! जैसे कॉलेज में सहेली,
जैसे दिवाली में हो होली...
जैसे सू सू करता नवजात,
जैसे घर से भगाता बाप..
एक लड़की को देखा तो ऐसा लगा...
जैसे बाइक में ख़त्म हो पेट्रोल,
जैसे सचिन हो जीरो पे बोल्ड..
जैसे मुंबई का ब्लास्ट,
जैसे बोर होता क्लास..
जैसे एकोन लिपस्टिक लगाये,
जैसे जोर्ज बुश गाना गाये...
हो जैसे बंद हुआ हो लिफ्ट..
जैसे सस्ता मिला हो गिफ्ट.
एक लड़की को देखा तो ऐसा लगा...
जैसे ख़ाली ATM से पैसा निकालू
जैसे गर्ल फ्रेंड के संग सोता भालू.. (Taddy Bear )
हो जैसे न चलता हो फटा  नोट ..

जैसे पानी में रह जाये नया कोट..
एक लड़की को देखा तो ऐसा लगा..
दूसरी को देखा तो उससे से भी अजीब लगा...
                                                               देवेश झा

Monday, November 15, 2010

Touch Imagination

An unknown beloved, who doesn't know, I know her......
अपने बेचैनियों की सुबह तलाशता हूँ,
कभी कभी इसकी वज़ह तलाशता हूँ.
आंसू हटाकर अपने मन से,
धड़कन में छुपी कम्पन तलाशता हूँ.

गाने को तो कोई धुन न मिलता,
होठों से यूँ ही चिपके हर्फ़ फेंका,
लोगों ने कहा ग़ज़ल बन गए.
मैं अभी धुंध में खोया ही था,
उन्होंने आके लिपटा दी बाँहें अपनी,
हर अश्क ओस के जल बन गए..

नाकामयाब इश्क की फतह तलाशता हूँ,
जन्हा हो हम वो एक साथ वो जगह तलाशता हूँ.
अपने यादों के हर कफ़न से,
मौत जो ना मिलती मुझे बेवज़ह तलाशता हूँ...

झूठी जिंदगानी की हर बिसात मैंने ही बिछायी थी,
सूखे बादलों में पहली बरसात मैंने ही लायी थी.
चलकर हम करीब जा सकते थे,
पर पैरों में जंजीर एक रात मैंने ही बनायीं थी...
                                                                     देवेश झा

Friday, November 12, 2010

The little bit touch....

Wonder happens after love...
तुम मुझे यूँ सपनो में क्यूँ दिखती हो,
जब भी रात ठहर कर रोता है,
तुम मेरे पलकों को क्यूँ छूती हो?
सजा कहूँगा तो वफ़ा क्या करूँगा,
बहने दो होठों से लहू मेरी,
एक नमकीन सी खुश्बू तो होगी,
सांसो की जो होंगी आंसू से बेहतर,
रात का जलता दिया, जुल्फों से कहती है,
अब प्यार के दो चार कदम पर,
हम होंगे तुम होगी लेकिन पास तो कुछ भी न होगा....

तुम मुझे बिन हर्फो की कैसे पढ़ती हो,
जैसे बिना नींद का कोई सोता हो,
जैसे होठ तो बांध जाते पर आवाज़ टूटी हो.
इसे कसक कहूं तो अदा क्या कहूँगा,
नजरो में उड़ने दो अक्स हूबहू मेरी,
दूर से ही तो थोड़ी गुफ्तगू होगी.
कभी कभी मिलती थी जो गिरकर,
अब चोट ज़ख़्म से कहती है,
उनके हाथों की मरहम पर,
आह तो होगी लेकिन अहसास न होगा.
                                                          देवेश झा  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Suno to jara..

Created by   Devesh Jha

Bahut hua andhere me rona, ab mujhe jeeene ki raat dedo,

Kisi aur shaam apne labon ko chhuna, ab subah ki ek jhuthi mulakat de do.

Yun tum julfon ko pani me bhingne na do, ki sard sa hawa mujhse guzar jati.

Wo halki si kajal ko anchal se milne na do, raat ka atka ansoo abhi bhi nazar aati.

Chhupkar kyun meri tasweer dekhti ho, ki kangan tumhari mere rango pe ragar jati.

Chhill jati bhale tasweer meri, ab har ghari ispe kangan wali hath dedo.

Main na jaunga ghar lautkar shayad, tum apne thikano se nikal sath dedo,

Bahut hua andhere me rona, ab mujhe jeene ki raat dedo.

Har nazm ki kimat mujhe maloom nahi, tum bemol ki baat mat becha karo,

Tere sirhane tale bhi sukoon nahi, mujhe god me litane ka aks na dekha karo.

Iss jale patte par kya likhti ho, nai anguthi sone ki raqib ka dhundhla ho jayega,

Pata hai kanha feki khat tune meri, utha lo barish aa gayi na to geela ho jayega.

Namak ho ghar me to kal lete aana tum jara, zakhm pe dard ka silsila ho jayega.

Mai shahr ke sone se pehle nikal jaun, tum apne harkaton se wo jajbaat dedo,

Baad maut ke meri koi na samsaan tak aane wala, aayi jo ghar tere wo baraat dedo.

Bahut hua andhere me rona, ab mujhe jeene ki raat dedo.

Hansti hui jawani se chhinkar, rote hue bachpan wala saugaat dedo,

Bahut hau andhere me rona, ab mujhe jeene ki raat dedo.

                                     Devesh Jha

Saturday, September 11, 2010

However she loves me.........

Your healing touch,

                    A touch for you…

Was that only you, who kept hiding herself from my dreams, sometimes, used to lighten entire sky as a moon and sometimes would appear as an emerging flower and put me on fire with the firing touch of dew.

Are you the same treasure which has always been healing me in dreams either in my sleeping sense or ever when I am awaken, and with the touch of that I would get unconsciousness in my cosiousness….!

Would always try to find you in sky holding the neck up… eyes stucked in clouds….

Sky used to play the act of a curtain and you would appear to me…. Dancing on the curtain, I wanted to come close but you walk away and disappear at the same time. The distance would rise to a high rate. And I used to start running … following you avoiding the fact that you are only in the imagination and I am at the earth.

But still you would create a stair for me with straight line from the moon. I used to find you in the lands of sugarcanes but you would come just in my dreams and suddenly put you warm palm on my eyes… I would cry… you are really back to me …. Yes indeed you are back…!

But just in a moment you would disappear again, the unclear shadow in the clouds got black cover and it started pouring. Each drop of rain was giving me the feel of your touch and with that I was jus last…. The drop of rain would taste

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ohhhh! doomsday... today

Afternoon was about to be finished, for inviting to the evening, this were requesting to sun to dim himself and hid in the orange horizon shivering in the west. One typical but small village, Talipur, spreader soil on the boundary type way, looked as host road. Greenery field, blue sky, red temple of God and his unfurl flag tagged on longitudinal and huge bamboos, amazing painting of various God, bride and bridegroom and many animals with dense affection on the wall of straw hut, this is made by lime, dung and another natural colour, this is world famous Madhubani painting people called Kohbar. Twittering sound of bird, ponds for fish specially rohu, makhana, dried seed of water lily, somewhere stage of betel and vegetables, this because whenever you would be listen about Mithila, you have to got know about betel, makhana and fish. Mithila is a part of Bihar, inside of Nepal; this is regarded as home of Goddess Sita, and actually more than half part of Mithila is in the Bihar and remaining part in the Nepal as Janakpur. Now again enter into Talipur, divine creature of nature, as any Bollywood movie Talipur has also a canal and melodious murmuring music from the river Kamla, all of these reveal the artistic skill of universal almighty power.

Whenever presumption jumped over the rule story of each life changed in another way. By the way, there are lots of character exist in tis village for giving of infatuated of their own heroic tale but I chosen only four. Crazy – carefree, innocent – lovely and idle – naughty boys, which all blossoming out by the gust blast of invisible but always moving age. Four of these have a better understanding manner for each other; though they belonged from different caste and class, let’s go to meet them.

Black Night

                                                          Black Nighh

Black night was giving a new birth to the shadow of rays coming from moon, travelling through tired nebula.

As always, I was alone in the midnight. Sitting on my ironic chair, I was searching my mother holding my neck towards sky.

I didn’t want to sleep but eyes would get tired.

Not having someone before you who is very close to you may be fatal. I had chosen this time only for me, because Dad and this world used to be in the deepest form of their sleep, completely cooled silent.

Ssssshhh!!!!!’s something in cool and calm midnight,

Shivering wind….. Falling Dew drops by drop…..

Noise of crickets....Throbbing of bats…..

Fragrance of night flower….Melodious music tone coming from somewhere….Touching clinking of imaginary anklet….

Rhythm of ghunghroo…

Perhaps this all was imaginary, but I was living this moment indeed.

Leaflet of myrobalan falling upon my arm,

Engrossment of white roses into colourless moon,

Growing stalk of bottle-gourd which is laid on platform of dry bamboos, don’t know why these were asking something to lunatic and restless air. I too asked where my mom is.

Quenching holy lamp in temple far away,

Emerging of black cloud which had now fallen at least horizon,

Bricks of debris which had fallen down and mired into soil,


Weeping of pup beside the corpse of bitch who was his mother had got into a road accident; two wheel of a new car had suppressed her, was licking his never returning Mom with muzzle.

The orphan pup was returning in the fear of other animals.

Now, hundred of jackals will gnaw his mother.

In the middle of mine thinking he smelled my foot when he was crossing from me.

This all was answering to me, the thing which has been ended, is not to be given even a sight to it, and if it is given then that is equal to the end of life.

I dazzled and startled following my habit, wept just for 2-3 drops, said bye to Mom pointing in sky. Come to bed and started struggling to sleep. I need the touch of my mother perhaps, I wanted to sleep, but suddenly get up and sit on my study table, took admit card from drawer.

Then started to searching I in that beautiful picture which is stuck by mistake at the Admit card of board exam , got lost into that and don’t know when got dream sequence.

The shimmering picture got pressed of retina of love hunger eye at an instant, when I didn’t know it.

                                              Devesh Jha

Red Shawl

                                  Red Shawl

Can you remind those moments?

When in white covered fog in unclean shadow you come to me,

Completely covered with red shawl..!

Drops of dew were stacked ay the head of grasses...

And you pushed some words into my ear putting your annoyed palm on my lippsss...

I was lost somewhere in the touch of your ringlet,

Just below your nose and slightly about your upper lip, a steam flow was coming out and gut coiled with my hair.

Spark of love was dazzling in our hearts.

You were kept listening the beats and acts of my heart in the mean while sky started putting tears in the form of dew….!

You got shied seemed like all the silky plights will be erased from your eyes but blackish blue colour of your pupil got darker with the restless moment of wind.

You didn’t feel it fair to let the wind pass between is, so, you hold me more tightly and hidden yourself into my chest.

The warmth of your touch changed the damp weather into heating one.

Suddenly you smiled…

Touch Imagination

Touch Imagination

Drop which with rose,

Sound which with mind.

Wind which with nose,

Ray which with shine.

Red of our blood,

Motion of each time.

Disaster of the flood,

Bitter of a salty lime.

Shelter that’s with foetus,

Love that’s with mother.

Tear that’s with eye us,

Believe that’s with another.

Drop sound wind ray,

All are in my far village.

Red motion disaster bitter,

All are in my hearts under.

Shelter love tear believe,

These things give me peace.

But how I could spent those season,

When nothing was any love reason.

I was touching my imagination,

And I whispered verse one by one.   Devesh Jha

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Black Night