Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Red Shawl

                                  Red Shawl

Can you remind those moments?

When in white covered fog in unclean shadow you come to me,

Completely covered with red shawl..!

Drops of dew were stacked ay the head of grasses...

And you pushed some words into my ear putting your annoyed palm on my lippsss...

I was lost somewhere in the touch of your ringlet,

Just below your nose and slightly about your upper lip, a steam flow was coming out and gut coiled with my hair.

Spark of love was dazzling in our hearts.

You were kept listening the beats and acts of my heart in the mean while sky started putting tears in the form of dew….!

You got shied seemed like all the silky plights will be erased from your eyes but blackish blue colour of your pupil got darker with the restless moment of wind.

You didn’t feel it fair to let the wind pass between is, so, you hold me more tightly and hidden yourself into my chest.

The warmth of your touch changed the damp weather into heating one.

Suddenly you smiled…

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