Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ohhhh! doomsday... today

Afternoon was about to be finished, for inviting to the evening, this were requesting to sun to dim himself and hid in the orange horizon shivering in the west. One typical but small village, Talipur, spreader soil on the boundary type way, looked as host road. Greenery field, blue sky, red temple of God and his unfurl flag tagged on longitudinal and huge bamboos, amazing painting of various God, bride and bridegroom and many animals with dense affection on the wall of straw hut, this is made by lime, dung and another natural colour, this is world famous Madhubani painting people called Kohbar. Twittering sound of bird, ponds for fish specially rohu, makhana, dried seed of water lily, somewhere stage of betel and vegetables, this because whenever you would be listen about Mithila, you have to got know about betel, makhana and fish. Mithila is a part of Bihar, inside of Nepal; this is regarded as home of Goddess Sita, and actually more than half part of Mithila is in the Bihar and remaining part in the Nepal as Janakpur. Now again enter into Talipur, divine creature of nature, as any Bollywood movie Talipur has also a canal and melodious murmuring music from the river Kamla, all of these reveal the artistic skill of universal almighty power.

Whenever presumption jumped over the rule story of each life changed in another way. By the way, there are lots of character exist in tis village for giving of infatuated of their own heroic tale but I chosen only four. Crazy – carefree, innocent – lovely and idle – naughty boys, which all blossoming out by the gust blast of invisible but always moving age. Four of these have a better understanding manner for each other; though they belonged from different caste and class, let’s go to meet them.

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