Saturday, September 11, 2010

However she loves me.........

Your healing touch,

                    A touch for you…

Was that only you, who kept hiding herself from my dreams, sometimes, used to lighten entire sky as a moon and sometimes would appear as an emerging flower and put me on fire with the firing touch of dew.

Are you the same treasure which has always been healing me in dreams either in my sleeping sense or ever when I am awaken, and with the touch of that I would get unconsciousness in my cosiousness….!

Would always try to find you in sky holding the neck up… eyes stucked in clouds….

Sky used to play the act of a curtain and you would appear to me…. Dancing on the curtain, I wanted to come close but you walk away and disappear at the same time. The distance would rise to a high rate. And I used to start running … following you avoiding the fact that you are only in the imagination and I am at the earth.

But still you would create a stair for me with straight line from the moon. I used to find you in the lands of sugarcanes but you would come just in my dreams and suddenly put you warm palm on my eyes… I would cry… you are really back to me …. Yes indeed you are back…!

But just in a moment you would disappear again, the unclear shadow in the clouds got black cover and it started pouring. Each drop of rain was giving me the feel of your touch and with that I was jus last…. The drop of rain would taste

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