Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Black Night

                                                          Black Nighh

Black night was giving a new birth to the shadow of rays coming from moon, travelling through tired nebula.

As always, I was alone in the midnight. Sitting on my ironic chair, I was searching my mother holding my neck towards sky.

I didn’t want to sleep but eyes would get tired.

Not having someone before you who is very close to you may be fatal. I had chosen this time only for me, because Dad and this world used to be in the deepest form of their sleep, completely cooled silent.

Ssssshhh!!!!!’s something in cool and calm midnight,

Shivering wind….. Falling Dew drops by drop…..

Noise of crickets....Throbbing of bats…..

Fragrance of night flower….Melodious music tone coming from somewhere….Touching clinking of imaginary anklet….

Rhythm of ghunghroo…

Perhaps this all was imaginary, but I was living this moment indeed.

Leaflet of myrobalan falling upon my arm,

Engrossment of white roses into colourless moon,

Growing stalk of bottle-gourd which is laid on platform of dry bamboos, don’t know why these were asking something to lunatic and restless air. I too asked where my mom is.

Quenching holy lamp in temple far away,

Emerging of black cloud which had now fallen at least horizon,

Bricks of debris which had fallen down and mired into soil,


Weeping of pup beside the corpse of bitch who was his mother had got into a road accident; two wheel of a new car had suppressed her, was licking his never returning Mom with muzzle.

The orphan pup was returning in the fear of other animals.

Now, hundred of jackals will gnaw his mother.

In the middle of mine thinking he smelled my foot when he was crossing from me.

This all was answering to me, the thing which has been ended, is not to be given even a sight to it, and if it is given then that is equal to the end of life.

I dazzled and startled following my habit, wept just for 2-3 drops, said bye to Mom pointing in sky. Come to bed and started struggling to sleep. I need the touch of my mother perhaps, I wanted to sleep, but suddenly get up and sit on my study table, took admit card from drawer.

Then started to searching I in that beautiful picture which is stuck by mistake at the Admit card of board exam , got lost into that and don’t know when got dream sequence.

The shimmering picture got pressed of retina of love hunger eye at an instant, when I didn’t know it.

                                              Devesh Jha

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