Friday, November 26, 2010

Any Aurora Od November (Mumbai Terror)

Attack.. Attack..  Mumbai Terror Tribute

Note:-(This post is taken from my fiction Dwelling Dew, no any part is real.. its only and only imaginory)
Any aurora of November,
Running life, run away people,
Nobody ask to himself by stay of his footstep for few moments, why much hurry is? Either lucky person goes on splendour or salutation of kingdom moved towards utter destruction, rider of fate could have been failure on the facing of laborious talent even those didn’t succeed. Eventuality of titillated jest stopped though lots of laughter searching his future on the sorrow.
Winsome city Mumbai, really this is one of the best place not all over India in fact world. We have pried on the city of gold give such a spicy feel and smell of lavender, Bombay sometime regarded as dream town where paradise come across through footpath. You may say that treasure’s gate of Kuber, the God of money and wealth open from economical capital of our country. Hammering sound of local train circulated life of Mumbai, hissing sound of sea and caused by blooming wave, doing hullabaloo foam located as hoar frost that hitched hollo of tourist and devotional touch of Ganpati Bappa, really amazing and cordial. Lives of Mumbai do not lean against the day and night or joyful or listless, they have no any quality of plants of touch-me-not, believe in the endurance made them undefeatable. Though you have to praise and thanks to people of Maharashtra for his great and unforgettable contribution to making a most powerful and invincible country to India but some ever something is pinching to soul of other state’s citizen as……….?
First Hour,
Abruptly a ravaged sound convoluted to everybody. Lassitude of many had breached. "What this was?" Many faces caused a stranger figure on their forehead.
Sensational news on the television, Terror attack on Mumbai, Hotel Raaz is destroying, CST is sieving, furore………
Nation became restless, commotion spreader everywhere.
"What’s happening?" A terrified voice moved in the larynx of everybody dumb also. Common men were running with fear of death as rabbit. Only ten armed were giving the cyclone image to furore in the blowing air of Mumbai.
"Maaaa…Bhago…Dhannya…Death…..Boom….blast….aaauchhhhh….aaahhhhhh…fire…..spark……stunned eye….injured body….screaming noise…squeal…hanged muscles with blood…imploring ….wounded body with soaked of blood…..
Fountain of blood……charrrrrrrrr………charrrrrrrrr…
Hey Bhagwan…… O! Jesus…….. Allahhhh……. Wahe guru…. Papa…… bahiya…jaanuuuu… babu…… mara dikara
Mulgi……..Kya kusur hamara...aanh ... whooooooooo…. Now………
Heart throbbing squeal of every age child, old, man, lady, girl, working women or college girl, weepiness had arose all of four direction, but warning of terrorist brought a ghostly silence as crematorium.
A dreary silence in the crowd of hubbub and gloomily fog of fume cased by gun powder absolved in the blood, the mud made up of blood and gun powder leaped on the history of terror.
Nation started to weep; the salty tear of India was about to becoming absolved in the water of Arabian Sea. The forceful image of India in sight of entire world had been converted in a helpless figure on broken canvas that time. East was weeping; north stunned but no more north, south was squealing, and being festival in the west, at present of India. Exploded heart of Himalaya was fretting on the limpidness and purity of Ganga. Golden bird was flying after chuck and chucking of gunpowder by his claw on the beak. Largest democracy was searching cause of crime in the pages. Terrorist continued to engraving of terrible pictures on the wall of hotel Raaz. Sometime sink through rain; Mumbai will make reddish to sea by flowing in the blood, today. The safety revolver were sleeping in the pillow of film stars, they not. .....
Though I am a mad person but I also love my India,
                                                Devesh Jha
  From the My new Novel Dwelling Dew (Story of Scatty)
A great salutation for everybody who faced this attack as Police administration, Our Army, common people and every person of Mumbai for their unforgettable courage, and tribute to all of those Indian and some of our foreigner guest who are not in this time between us………

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