Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Willy-Nilly of Black Night

                    Beautiful (7)

As every night I wake up today alsoNinja. Immersed night was not slumbering or being a shelter of somnambulist, this was carrying out a rivulet of dew; free from anxietyAngry smile, seemed to be as serenade was cherishing to pretty champion nymphFlirt female, surety of sky was denoting ceased of his before the daybreak, cloud were making abode of moonSleeping half-moon, feeble twinkling of stars was coming strongly, unhampered as without any alternative. Wind cold; refreshing sensation was causing a chillHot smile in entire soft and small hair on the body, lots of messenger of angel walking here there and everywhere in the costume of fire-flyPrincess. There was continuing of blessing kissing missing and embarrassing of blue sky and dark earth, overwhelmed starry night spurted innate disposition. Mime between earth and sky was memorable, in this modulation of a humming occurred during comet absolve in mistsWho me?. If a sight fallen inside of horizons then it was given a gift of glance as someone was locking his lover into his arm and ringlets were waving due to lovely lisping of her attitudeBe right back, exactly according to this manner chuckling cloud was touching the earth at horizon. Coffee cup

From the my new novel Dwelling Dew (Story Of Scatty)Gift with a bow

                         Left hugDevesh JhaRight hug

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